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Shown below is our complete list of backgrounds. The backgrounds are organized by "Themes" (Examples: Magazine Covers, Face Fill-ins, Funny Frames). Each category contains tons of backgrounds pertaining to that theme. Simply click on "See More..." to view all the background images of your selected theme. The backgrounds you select will be the ones available for your guests to choose from at your event.

That's it... and don't forget that all our 1000+ background images are included in all of our packages... no extra charge like those other guys..... Now the next step is to click on "See More..." under all of the Themes and browse our wonderful collection of images.

Donít see the guest of honors favorite movie or place, or maybe we donít have something that specifically relates to your theme? Talk to one of our friendly representative today about getting customized backgrounds made for your event!
Animals Costumes
Artistic / Andy Warhol

Comic Books
Disney BGs

Disney Frames
Elegant 1
Elegant 2

Formula 1 Cars
Funny Frames
Love/Valentine's Day
Magazines 2010
Major League Baseball
Money Bills
Movies 2010
National Basketball Association
National Football League
National Football League Helmets
New York City
NY/NJ Sports
Old Fashioned Black & White Photos
Pose with George Bush
Scenic Backgrounds
Sports Cars
Video Games
Sexy Face Fill-Ins
Glamour Adult For Her


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